About the company


The company founder Stanislav Goretsky worked for a long time for well-known automotive groups such as BMW and Volkswagen and was BMW sales manager, Managing Director Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in St. Petersburg and Head of Product Management Audi Russia, among others, and has gained extensive experience and expertise in the automotive industry during this time. This is paired with a passion for vintage cars and collector cars and the result is self-employment with its own consulting office.


We bring transparency to the condition and determine the true value of a collector's item, a rare car. We will help you to make owning such a car as easy as possible: we provide a full support cycle — from organizing transportation to participating in global auctions. We carry out all tasks that serve the maintenance and further development of the automotive culture.

Stanislav Goretskii

Over the years of my work with rare cars, I have noticed how difficult and non-transparent this market is, especially if you want to sell your treasure: on the one hand, supposedly large selection and offer on various websites, and on the other hand, great pressure from potential buyers, who are mainly asking for price reductions.
The copy will help you to buy or sell a rare vehicle, taking into account the interests of the customer with the utmost care.