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Search, purchase and delivery of rare cars and cars for every day. All over the world


Turnkey import and export of rare cars worldwide

Individual support and full-cycle support when buying and selling a rare car. Our competent approach and knowledge of the market allows us to guarantee the fulfillment of any task.


  • Period of execution About a month
  • The cost of the services of the Instance 2 000 €

Analysis of the origin and condition of a rare car

Preparation of reports on the status and investment attractiveness, analytical work on compiling lists, and so on.

  • Kosten ab 200 € / Stunde

Search and import of turnkey cars for every day from Europe

Search, delivery and registration of cars from Germany and other EU countries — support in the organization of a turnkey transaction directly between the seller and the buyer, without hidden processes and payments. Since the process is completely legal, the cost of a car in Europe cannot exceed 50,000 euros (net).

  • The cost of the services of the Instance 2 000 €

Other services

Transportation of cars, pre-sale preparation and transaction support, storage and maintenance.

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